Gulf Horizon Natural Gas is dedicated to increasing natural gas access and usage throughout the State. Our vision is to become the premier provider of cleaner burning, lower cost clean energy in the region. We strive to create a more sustainable energy future through improved energy efficiency, increased access, and increased use of lower carbon energy sources. Our mission is to serve our customers with the highest quality standards in natural gas products and services. We are proud to be playing a role in the global effort to transition to a more sustainable energy system.


We are a company established in 2010 coinciding with the arrival of the main lines of natural gas to the eastern region. We have done many successful works in the eastern region, especially major projects, and we are still continuing successes in many large and important projects, which made us gain the trust of customers


The same technical specifications of Sharjah Natural Gas Distribution Project will be applied on khorfakkan and Kalba Gas Distribution Network. Kalba Gas Distribution Network comprises of polyethylene pipelines and high quality copper pipes IP service: Natural Gas is supplied to the consumers by Sharjah Electricity and Water Authority through IPs line connected to the main pipeline. Main Regulator: A service valve is used to isolate the building in case of emergency and a main regulator is fitted after the service valve to reduce the inlet pressure from 4 bar to 75 millibar. This regulator is automatically closed in case of any increase in pressure as the result of leakage which should be repaired by the authorized technicians only. Sub Regulator: This regulator is designed to reduce the pressure from 75 millibar to 21 millibar.


As a clean economical friendly -to- environment energy, the natural gas is featured with following advantages as compared to LPG:

Stages of access to natural gas to the consumer